Name: Lumberjack Minion
Price: 11.12 5.00 USD

What are Minions?

Minions are very similar to robots, they perform tasks for you saving a lot of time. We currently offer Miner, Slayer, Farmer, Collector, Seller and Lumberjack minions.

What is the Lumberjack minion?

The lumberjack minion is a minion that will chop wood & leaves for you, within a certain range. The resources it collects can automatically be put into a linked chest nearby the minion.

Minion Perks:

  • Upgrade Minions with money
  • Minion Interface
  • HeadDatabase support
  • ItemAdder support
  • Manage Minions Efficiently, minions will not keep chunks loaded, as this may cause lag with unneeded chunks loaded.
  • Minion Health, per Minion type
  • Minion Animations, per Minion type 
  • Customise Minions Name
  • Rotate the Minions direction
  • Link Minions to chests